Personal Training Studio

With great patience and small steps, Gina makes miracles.  I first came to her when I wanted to build strength ahead of hip replacement surgery.  Now, three years later, I am taking horseback riding lessons!  Beyond the weights and the leg lifts, the MAT (muscle activation technique) that she practices has engaged muscles I haven’t used in years.  Amazing!


As a 48 year old woman weight training with Gina has made a huge difference in my life!  Working out at Beyond FITness helped transform my body and my spirit. I’ve lost weight, gained confidence and become stronger physically and mentally.  Even though I had never lifted weights before, she taught me the proper way to exercise safely and encouraged me to try things I never thought I could – like entering a bench press competition or doing pull ups.  Gina isn’t a drill sergeant-style trainer.  Her approach is encouraging and positive. No matter your goal, completing your first triathlon, improving balance to avoid falls or losing 20 pounds – Gina is an amazing partner who will help you achieve it.