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​Original Strength

Original Strength is a quick and easy movement system to restore our bodies to the way the were meant to be.  Our bodies were made to be strong, not frail and weak.  Regardless of our age and within the parameters of our circumstances, the goal of Original Strength is to restore our bodies foundation otherwise known as reflexive strength. Restoring the body's reflexive strength will help us to be able to move, think, play, work, love and laugh through our entire life.

The Original Strength system involves five (5) developmental movement patterns which are called the five resets to restore the body to its original state.  Think of pressing "reset" on a computer to make things "new" again. The resets restore and refresh the central nervous system. The brain and the body become better connected and renewed by restoring reflexive neuromuscular connections, establishing and making more efficient neural pathways in the brain, improving mobility and releasing strength.

The five resets are:

  • Diaphragmatic Breathing
  • Head control, head nods
  • Rolling
  • Rocking
  • Crawling or cross-lateral movements

As a certified Original Strength Coach, Gina Fortuna will teach you how to properly perform the five resets, incorporating regressions and progressions for each of these developmental movement patterns. The resets may be performed daily, and improve basic movements which may lead to a feeling of well being. Get moving and start living!