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Muscle Activation Techniques 

Muscle Activation Techniques, or MAT, is a methodology to assess muscular range of motion, to identify muscular imbalances and weaknesses within the body, and to reactivate disconnected or "weak" muscle fibers. A "weak" muscle is one that doesn't contract efficiently. There may be a disconnect between the Central Nervous System (CSI) and the muscular system--the muscles the CSI are trying to innervate. This disconnect may be the result of muscular stress, trauma, or overuse, and can affect all individuals from elite athletes to weekend warriors to frail elderly.

Gina Fortuna is certified through Greg Roskoff's MAT training program to practice Jumpstart or positional muscle activation. As a Jumpstart specialist, when a weakness is identified within a position, isometrics are used to activate or jumpstart the CSI's ability to efficiently communicate with the muscular system. Improving the efficiency of muscular contractions helps ensure the appropriate muscles required for specific movements are used.

When muscles are not contracting efficiently, compensation within the muscular system may result. Compensation may lead to muscular pain and joint vulnerability. Jumpstart MAT is a noninvasive, gentle, approach to addressing muscular imbalance within the body and improving over all muscular contractibility and function.