We Help With:

  • Assess your physical condition and track changes
  • Setting Goals and Reaching them
  • Make a nutritional plan and learn better eating habits
  • Learn proper strength training technique
  • Improve Endurance & Appearance
  • Find Motivation
  • Improve your Mental Alertness & Health
  • Feel Better
  • Gain Muscle and Lose Fat



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BEyond FITness is a personalized training service committed to improving your health and enhancing the quality of your life through fitness. In keeping with this mission, BEyond FITness will develop an individual program just for you. 


Nothing's more important than good health. So why aren't you working out? Probably because you're just now checking us out.

Your exercise program will reflect your fitness goals and objectives by incorporating strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility training, and proper nutrition.


Summer is finally here and so is the July Strength and Balance class. Join us to get in shape for summer!

Each session will employ the fundamental principles of strength training, incorporate balance work, and will be individualized for each participant. During the month, new training programs will be introduced and familiar programs will be perfected.

If weather permits, we will incorporate the great outdoors into our workouts. 

Classes will run from Tuesday, July 3 through Thursday, July 26, 2018. Classes will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays, 12:30-1:30pm at BEyond FITness Personal Training Studio. The cost is $280 for 7 classes--the 8th class is free! A minimum of six participants is required. To reserve your spot, please register and pay by Friday, June 29. Payment may be made by check or credit card. Credit card payments may be taken over the phone by calling the studio at 703-521-4746. A new session of classes is offered each month.

BEyond FITness

Who can benefit from personal training?


  • Persons needing motivation
  • Those in need focused Attention
  • Persons wanting to add variety to their routine
  • Persons wanting specialized coaching for sport
  • Athletes who have reached a plateau
  • Persons with Physical limitations, injuries or health problems
  • Those uncomfortable working in groups or a club setting

Beyond FITness, LLC is Arlington's most respected Personal Training Studio.  

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